Considering making a gift? Here are a few things to consider beforehand.

Gift options So, you’ve decided that you would like to make a gift to someone but unsure of the best way of doing this.  We have put together some pointers for you. An absolute lifetime gift If the item you want to gift is a personal item, like some jewellery or a painting for example, […]

Why do I need to make a Will?

Firstly, everyone over the age of 18 has a Will!  One where you decide how you would like to leave your estate and one where the Court decides (known as dying Intestate).  Now, I know which one I would rather have – what about you? An objection we hear too often is “I am too young […]

Cryptocurrency within your Will

There have been an increasing number of clients we have seen who hold cyptoassets or cryptocurrency which has led us to look into how these assets should be documented and dealt with whilst making a will.  Due to the intangible nature of cryptocurrency, it would be incredible easy for it to become inaccessible for the […]

What to do when someone dies – a brief guide

Dealing with the loss of a family member or somebody close is unimaginable. Even when that loss is expected, nothing quite prepares you for the finality of it. At a time when you are coming to terms with your loss, as well as perhaps being a support to others, there are the practicalities to deal […]

Is Your Will Definitely Valid?

Now, you have gone through the process of having your wishes created into a legally binding document – but is it valid? Drafting a Will is merely the first step; the most important part to ensuring it is valid is the execution.  So many times we have seen it where Wills have been drafted and […]

Who will look after your child(ren ) if you are not around to do so

Do you have “parental” responsibility for anyone under the age of 18? Have you been named as a Guardian in someone else’s Will? If you answered Yes, to either/both of the above then you should ensure your Will reflects who you would like to look after your child(ren) if something was to happen to you […]