A professional will writing service in Kent and the surrounding area.


Professional Estate Planning and Will Writing Services in Kent

Get help from our legal experts when it comes to protecting your future and helping your loved ones. With Heritage Estate Planning, you’ll have access to professional, friendly and affordable advice, covering a range of legal matters. This includes will writing, lasting power of attorney, probate and trust needs in Kent.

Meet The Team in Kent

Helen Davies, Estate Planning Consultant

Helen provides a first-class will Writing service in Kent for Heritage Estate Planning. Helping clients in England and Wales to put a personalised will in place, as well as helping to organise lasting power of attorney for both health and wealth needs.

This means that Helen can help your family with the peace and mind that everything can be taken care of no matter the circumstances.

Will Writing in Kent

If you’re looking for will writing in Kent, then look no further than Heritage Estate Planning. A will helps you to plan where your wealth should be distributed to when you pass away in a way that is legal, so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your loved ones will be looked after and left without any stress.

A complete Will Writing service in Kent

Make sure that your loved ones are burden-free when it comes to your inheriting your assets, whether it be financial, property or something else, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll ensure your will is completed and executed in the right way.

Despite how important a will is, the majority of people in the UK still don’t have one, with Heritage Estate Planning we provide a will service with: