Have faith that your assets will go to your loved ones without any burden attached.

Having a will should be a part of life, however a high proportion of adults in the UK don’t have one, which can lead to legal problems for loved ones who will inherit your possessions.

Over your lifetime, you will accrue personal wealth, so it’s important to plan and prepare how this will be handled. However, it’s not just financially where wills are so important. If you’re a parent, who would you trust to look after your children? By appointing Guardians in your will you can ensure that your children are cared for by the people you choose in a loving, nurturing environment. 

Perhaps you have a loving family pet, or a business that needs looking after. A will can help you to take care of the items you’ll leave behind and give you peace of mind that should the worst happen, everything will be taken care of.

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No Obligation

Contact us today for more information on what writing a will involves. There’s no obligation to move forward and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Full Plan and Timeline

As part of our will writing service, we offer a full and thorough explanation of the process for both writing the will and the timeline for actioning it, so you’ll have no doubt about what’s involved.

Remote Will Service

As part of our plan to enable more people than ever before to have a will, we also offer remote services so you can discuss, plan and finalise your will from anywhere.

Protection from Inheritance Disputes

With our will service, your loved ones will get protection from inheritance issues which can lead to unnecessary distress and hardship. Ensure that your loved ones are looked after and that your personal wealth goes where you want it to.

Full Plan and Timeline

Ensure that after your passing that your loved ones are burden-free and don’t need to exhaust emotional and physical energy with complex legal issues. A will with Heritage Estate Planning will cover all aspects of both planning a will, and its execution.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. With Heritage Estate Planning, you can write a will that offers:

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