Estate Administration

Allow Heritage Estate Planning to assist where a grant of probate is required.

Once confirmed, the possessions of the deceased can then be legally passed on to those who are authorised to receive them.

Our Service

Grant of Probate only:

In order to obtain a grant of probate, Heritage Estate Planning will correspond with the Probate Registry, complete an inheritance tax return and acquire an Oath for Executors to arrange for its issue. Once that is issued and received, you will then be able to deal with all the remaining aspects of estate administration yourself.

Full Estate Administration

As well as obtaining the Grant of Probate, our expert team will deal with the whole process from start to finish to provide complete peace of mind that your Executor duties have been fully completed with no future liability.  Our process is outlined below.


Stage 1

Identity and Tax

Once the will is deemed to be valid, the first stage is to identify all of the assets belonging to the deceased and all of their liabilities, including the issue of Inheritance Tax to HMRC if applicable. This process involves looking at property, possession, bills and loans.

Stage 2


Once the grant of representation has been issued by the Probate Registry and all final matters are resolved (liabilities and administration costs and issues) then the estate accounts can be settled, with the remaining funds redistributed to beneficiaries. These will be approved by the executor identified in the will for approval.

Stage 3


If all the previous processes are agreed and there are no challenges to the will, then the final assets to be distributed to the correct recipients will commence.

Everything Handled by Us

If you would like us to deal with the entire process on your behalf, we can:

Need help with Estate Administration or applying for Probate?

Legal matters like knowing whether or not you even need to apply for probate can be complicated, however, with Heritage Estate Planning we can take the stress out of the process and help you to get exactly what you need. Get in touch with us today for more information and a free, no-obligation consultation. Heritage Estate Planning’s expert team can offer you support and peace of mind by dealing with some or all of the process on your behalf.

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