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When we look to pass our assets on after we die, we always want to make sure that we pass them on at full value and to the intended recipient.

A trust helps to ringfence financial assets, so that you can pass on the true value of what you’ve accrued to your children and loved ones.

We draw on our experienced panel of experts to ensure that all your needs are met. Whether you need a Life Interest Trust within a will or wish to establish a trust during your lifetime, we’re here to help.

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What Is A Trust And What Is It Used For?

A trust can hold assets for the benefit of another person or group, ensuring that your assets are protected and used according to your wishes. There are a number of reasons for setting up a trust and the trust itself can hold land, property, cash and/or investments.

Why Would You Set Up A Trust?

It may be because you want to protect some of the family’s assets, ensure they retain their value, and eventually benefit the person you intend them for. This can be particularly useful if one of your chosen beneficiaries later goes through a divorce or bankruptcy.

Another reason may be because your beneficiary is too young to handle affairs or is vulnerable in another way. In these situations, funds can be put in a trust and protected. Perhaps it is due to someone who wants to pass assets on while still alive. 

Whatever your reason, we can advise and take into account your own situation and wishes, when it comes to setting a trust up.

Set Up A Trust With Heritage Estate Planning

Our experts are ready to help you to set up a trust to protect your assets and make provision for your beneficiaries. No matter what items of value need to be protected, we’re ready to help. With Heritage Estate Planning you’ll receive:

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