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Welcome to the Training section of our site! We are really excited that you have chosen to join our fantastic team of Consultants and we hope that the training you are about to undertake will give you the confidence and determination to make your business a success. 
You don't have to complete the training in one sitting and you can go through the materials as many times as you like until you feel that you have gained the right amount of knowledge and undertstanding.  
Set out below is a list of the training materials (listed in the order that we suggest you work through them) and an estimated time of how long you should dedicate to each section. 
When you have completed the training materials and have assessed your knowledge we hope that you will feel ready to carry out your first client appointment! 
We recommend that you work through the training materials in the follow order : 
1) Wills : Getting to know the terminology 
2) Knowledge Base : What is a will? 
3) Will Fact Find Questionnaire 
4) Knowledge Base : Inheritance Tax and Main Residence Nil Rate Band 
5) Knowledge Base : Life Interest Trust 
6) The Process : From initial enquiry to storage of the signed will 
7) VIDEO : Example of a client meeting 
Lasting Power of Attorneys 
8) Lasting Power of Attorneys : Getting to know the terminology 
9) Ally Ilott discusses the importance of Lasting Power of Attorneys 
10) Lasting Power of Attorney Instruction Form 
11) Fact Sheet : Mental Capacity 
12) The importance of attendance notes 
13) Initial contact : Template email 
14) Initial contact : email attachment 
15) List of enclosures for client folder 
16) Enclosures : Location of documents and Funeral Wishes 
17) Enclosure : Minimising Inheritance Tax 
18) Preparing for a client appointment 
19) Knowledge is Power : FAQs 
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