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Here we look at the step-by-step process of drafting a client's will, from the initial contact to the storage of the final will. 
1) The Consultant liaises with the client, within 24 hours of being passed/obtaining the lead, to arrange a mutually convenient time for an appointment (which will usually take place in the client’s home). 
2) The Consultant creates a new client file on the Heritage Estate Planning client database which will include the client's name, type of appointment (i.e. single will, mirror will with LPAs etc), date of appointment, source of referral, client contact details, etc. 
3) The Legal team will generate a client-specific invoice and store it in the 'documents tab' for that client, 
4) The Consultant emails the client to confirm the appointment using the prescribed draft email and attaches the ‘Considerations prior to making a will’ document and ‘Friends and Family referral form'. 
5) The Consultant will attend the appointment and present the client with a folder containing a covering letter and accompanying documents. 
5) At this meeting the Consultant will complete the will instruction/LPA forms with the client as fully as possible – this form must be signed by the client/s at the end of the meeting. 
6) The Consultant will also complete the ‘Assets and Liabilities’ sheet as part of the will instruction. 
7) ID should be taken from the client, in a prescribed form, and record it on the Client ID register. 
8) The Consultant will present the client with our firm's invoice at the appointment and should advise the client that payment is due with 7 days of receipt. Draft documents will not be sent to the client until payment has been received/cleared. 
9) Within 24 hours of the appointment, the Consultant should scan the will instruction form, attendance notes, ID register and assets and liabilities form and upload them to the client's file on the database. 
10) The Consultant should complete an invoice for their fee and upload it to the database, under the client and in the documents file. (the fee should be reduced by 20% if the referral has come from an introducer where a 20% referral fee agreement is in place – a full list can be supplied). The Consultant's fee will be paid when the client has settled their invoice. 
11) Within seven days of receipt of the client's payment, the legal team will send out a draft will to the client, in a ribboned presentation folder, with accompanying commentary notes 
12) When the client has confirmed the will is wholly correct, or has advised us of any amendments, the legal team will prepare the final wills and send to the Consultant ready for the follow up/second appointment. 
13) The Consultant will arrange a follow up appointment with the client to go through the will and act as one of the witnesses to execute it (sign it so that it is valid). The client must be advised beforehand that they will also need one other independent witness to be present at the signing process. 
14) Once executed, the Consultant will send the final wills to the legal team within 24 hours for them to check that the will has been properly executed and to photocopy (for the client) and store securely in the company's will storage unit. 
15) The legal team will write to the executors informing them of their appointment under the client's will and explaining the role of an executor. 
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