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Below you will find a list of helpful, and commonly used, terminology relating to the completion of Lasting Power of Attorney forms. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these terms as much as you can as they will form an important part of the interview process with your client. 
Lasting Power of Attorney - definitions 
Donor - the person (your client) making the Lasting Power of Attorney. 
Attorney - one or more people carefully chosen by the donor to make decisions on their behalf, should they become unable to do so themself due to a decline in their mental health. 
Replacement Attorney - one or more person chosen by the donor to replace the main attorneys if they are unable to take on the role. 
Certificate Provider - somebody who can support the fact that, at the time of making the Lasting Power of Attorney, the donor had the required mental capacity to do so. A Certificate Provider is usually a friend who has known the donor for a signifcant amount of time, or somebody who knows them in a professional capacity. 
Person to notify - a donor has the option to notify certain people that they are making the Lasting Power of Attorney, in case any questions arise with regards to mental capacity or duress. 
The Office of the Public Guardian - the government office responsible for protecting people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions relating to health and finances for themselves. All completed Lasting Power of Attorney forms must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in order to be valid. 
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