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Inevitably, clients will have questions at their appointment regarding all and any aspect of making their will. We have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions : we hope you find this useful at your forthcoming appointments! 
q) How long will the will appointment take? 
a) A single will appointment takes between 30-45 minutes and a mirror will takes between 45 minutes and an hour. 
q) What if it is not convenient to meet with the consultant in my home? 
a) The appointment can take place anywhere that is mutually convenient for the client and the consultant. Meetings can take place in hotel lounge bars, coffee shops, or at the offices of one of Heritage Legal EP’s referrer clients. 
q) I need some detailed financial advice (for example, regarding IHT). Can you help? 
a) We have a network of ‘Recommended Service Providers’, including many skilled IFAs and we would be happy to ask them to call you. We are not qualified or insured to offer detailed financial advice. 
q) Where should I store my will? 
a) Storage of your will, in our firm's dedicated will storage unit, is included in the cost of your appointment. 
q) I am planning to get married in the near future. Will I have to make a new will? 
a) Ordinarily, marriage revokes/invalidates a will made before the event of the marriage. However, if you make your will ‘in contemplation of your marriage to (specific person)’, your will remains valid even after your marriage has taken place. 
q) Do I need to make a new will after getting divorced? 
a) It is highly advisable. However, it is likely that your ex-spouse will lose the right to inherit under your will after the divorce has been finalised. 
q) I am worried that if I die and my spouse remarries, my children may lose out financially. 
a) If you feel very strongly about this, it is possible to put your share of the family home, for example, into trust for your children but allow your spouse to continue to live their until his or her death. 
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