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Will writing and Lasting Power Service for Independent Financial Advisors. 

Why provide a will writing and/or Lasting Power of Attorney service for your clients? 
A will is one of the most important documents your clients will ever sign as it enables them to : 
Ensure they protect their families and loved ones 
Ensure their Estate is distributed in accordance with their wishes 
Appoint guardians for children under the age of 18 
Obtain protection from previous relationships/marriages and civil partnerships 
Protect their assets by putting them into trust 
In addition, ensuring your clients have Lasting Power of Attorneys in place means that they are able to appoint somebody they trust to make decisions regarding their health and finances if they become unable to make these decisions for themselves. 
Providing your clients with a will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney service as part of their overall financial planning ensures you are able to offer your clients total peace of mind and protection in relation to their both their financial and estate planning needs. 
Why Work With Us? 
For a monthly fixed fee (see below), we provide you with a set number of wills and/or LPAs for your clients. We provide guidance on how much you should charge your clients for these services however, ultimately, it is up to you decide how much to charge for each individual piece of work. 
We provide training on taking client’s instructions and you may either complete the instruction form during your initial meeting with the client or at a later date. 
You would then forward the completed instruction form to us and we would send a draft document to you within 7 days of receipt. When the client has approved the draft, or advised of any amendments, we would forward you the final version of their will for signing. We would then store the will for its lifetime and provide the client with a copy of the signed will for their own safe-keeping. 
£550 per month (normally £680) – Up to 8 instructions (single will/mirror will/LPA) 
£720 per month (normally £850) – Up to 10 instructions (single will/mirror will/LPA) 
£1000 per month (normally £1275) – Up to 15 instructions (single will/mirror will/LPA) 
You take instructions for 8 mirror wills per month. You charge your clients £350 per mirror will. 
8 x £350 = £2800 less our fixed fee of £550 = £2250. 
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